Multilingual contentfor growing software & ecommerce companies

Break down language barriers to connect your business with audiences around the world

Set your multilingual content on autopilot

From blogs, to product descriptions, to website content, LucidWrite helps you create consistent content in any language.

Create and manage all your content requirements in one place

  • Manage multiple languages in one place
  • Ensure brand guidelines. Single source of truth for all the organization’s content
  • Smart writing with best-in-class recommendations for topics and keywords
  • Usage transparency. Overview of calendar, relevant deadlines and words used
  • Consistent quality and style


Don’t pay double for your content, get it in multiple languages all at once

Creating content regularly can be costly, especially if you have to pay for writing the content & for translating it. Go straight to creating the content in the language you desire at a fraction of the cost.

Benefit 1
Benefit 2

Content that sounds local

Avoid inaccurate translations, create content specifically for each target region

Based on your company’s brief and requirements, LucidWrite creates unique articles that are culturally adapted and in the language of the target market.

Brand adapted quality

Content ready to publish

No need to spend time checking for facts and brand language consistency. Reduce your writing efforts to 1 hour per month. Get your content delivered directly to your CMS or favorite editor.

Benefit 3

Start publishing optimized content for every language

blog articles

Content Localization


tutorials & how-to guides

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Find the answers to your questions

Which regions/languages do you cover currently?

We are currently focused on english, german and spanish speaking regions. However we are always expanding and onboarding editors in new regions, if you have any special needs contact us to find you a solution.

How does the word limit work?

Your package, your rules. Simply split your word limit up into as many pieces of content as you need, and we'll work through them one by one.

I have some existing content which I would like to localize first. Can you help me with it?

Certainly! We can translate and localize your content to a new language and region. Let us know what you need and we will back to you within 24 hours with a price.

Do you also source images?

We can help finding stock free images, licensed images or AI generated images we can simply add this to your plan which will be priced depending on the volume you need.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No - you pay per month and can stop any time.