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for non-copywriters

LucidWrite is the perfect ally to write the texts your users want to read. Using the state-of-the-art AI technology, the tool allows marketers and amateur writers to create unique quality texts in different formats.

LucidWrite short demo

Let’s transform your content writing process.

1. Research your audience

Find the keywords, topics, trends and questions that are revelant to your audience and market.

2. Strategize

With those insights, create a visual content graph to structure the information a have a clear path to go.

3. Generate

Let LucidWrite write the text for you. You can edit the content and traing LucidWrite to learn from your brand voice & style.

4. Optimize

Get notified whenever a relevant trend or topic is hitting, so that you don’t miss a lifetime opportunity.

Orchestrate your content

Research your keywords, create a content strategy

Keyword graph

LucidWrite helps you find the keywords that suit your website best. It organizes them in a graph so your team can easily visualize what are the keywords, topics, questions and trends that your content aims to cover.

AI Content writing Generation

Get content generated for you

LucidWrite uses AI to write content for you based on your keywords and existing content from your website or social media.

Collaborative optimization

Edit and improve

Your copywriters, marketers and community managers can edit the generated texts, LucidWrite continuoulsy learns from these edits and generates content that matches your brand’s voice.

Track your content performance

Get notified about new trends related to your content

LucidWrite tracks the performance of your content and notifies you whenever there’s a new trend or topic that you should include in your content.

LucidWrite fits perfectly to each user group


Fast and effective research, more valuable personalized content.

Business owners

Create content faster, focus on developing the business.

Digital agencies

Coordinate your content writing team. Manage more satisfied clients.

Make your content writing flow

Product descriptions

Create product descriptions that appeal your audience and help your SEO.

Category pages

Keep your category pages copy always up to date.

Blog content

LucidWrite helps you write engaging blog posts that attract your users. Keep them generating traffic by being always up to date.

Email Marketing

Create effective email marketing campaigns by generating copy for each of your target groups.

Blog outline

Generate an outline with the best topics to write about.

Meta Descriptions

Generate meta descriptions for your site to attract interest and improve your SEO.

Text expansion

Create long text form easily with our text generation tool.

Text derivation

Automatically generate short content based on a blog post or any long form content.

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